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Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche et Morgane Ortin vous remercient pour vos participations inspirantes et passionnées lors de l’exposition « À deux c’est mieux ».

Share your own personal messages, whether they’re romantic, for family or for friends. Everything is kept anonymous in this safe space. You are, of course, free to sign your messages using a last name or first name, if you wish. Each week, Morgane Ortin will select some of your messages to be displayed from Monday to Saturday in the very heart of Le Bon Marché, on a large-scale installation under the central glass roofs. So get typing!


Every Sunday, arrange a meet-up with someone of your choosing (perhaps someone you fancy, or your best friend, or maybe your mother?) in the best way possible. Send a personalised message here that will be displayed under Le Bon Marché’s central glass roofs, in the time slot and on a date of your choice. If you wish, Morgane Ortin will then send a text to the recipient of your message, inviting them to a special rendezvous that will ensure your love letter doesn’t go unread. Now there’s something to spice up your weekends!

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